Me, posing like Marlon Brando looking into the future.

The steam engine replaced human muscle power in the 19th century. Today, artificial intelligence is doing the same for human brain power.

Standing on the cusp of 4th industrial revolution, it’s clear that the implications for most professionals will be enormous – even those with college degrees. But this time, the changes are happening much faster leaving you little time to adapt.

Are you a high skilled worker sitting in front of a computer?

It’s safe to assume that many of your work tasks are going to be replaced by a computer in the coming decades. Yet, we lack an understanding of how to act accordingly in order to keep our jobs and thrive in this uncertain future.

That’s what I hope to change. I created this publication for two purposes:

  1. To explore how artificial intelligence impacts us humans, and
  2. Give concrete advice on how to future-proof your career by choosing the skills that will be in demand in the world of tomorrow.

I’m a professional journalist with experience from several top tier Danish technology publications and newspapers. By subscribing to Beat the Robot, you will get a fresh perspective on the future of work – always with a practical dimension you can incorporate into your own life.

Unlike many other self-help books, blogs and guides out there, I don’t claim to hold the answers to all these challenges myself. Instead I allow the experts to speak; AI scientists, psychologists, influential technology entrepreneurs and others who each hold their little piece of the puzzle.

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Elías Lundström

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